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What Industry Leaders (Experts) Are Saying . . .
"Laugh Out Loud is a wonderful book of humor and wit that will make you LOL again and again. It also outlines the powerful and positive role that humor can have in our relationships and lives."
James R. Whitehead
Board Member
National Association for Health and Fitness
"Andy pulls together a lot of wonderful ideas that would help anyone to lead a happier and more significant life. This book will help all professionals in their daily lives."
Thomas John Wolff, CLU, ChFC
"LOL will empower you with specific, postive strategies that you can begin using immediately. Every person in a leadership postion should read this book -- I wish I had read it many years ago."
John Button
Educational and Healthcare Administrator
"This book is a culmination of the very business philosophies Andy lives by on a daily basis. Andy's positive energy is contagious, and has contributed to many years of success in the world of business. His principles are simple and timeless, yet often overlooked. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom in these pages."
Jerry D. Semler, CLU
President and CEO
American United Life Insurance Company
"I had fun exploring the serious side of laughter and the healthy side of humor in this sincere, lovely book. It prompted me to add more humor and laughter into my life -- to my delight."
Amanya Jacobs, MA
author of Getting in Harmony
"A refreshing and helpful book. The collection of stories and a sprinkling of humor adds just the right touch in bringing personal principles and values to life."
Gary Simpson, CLU
Past President General Agents and
Managers Association (GAMA) 1999-2000
"This book bridges the gap from being a pure technician to a client builder. CPA financial planners will find it a useful training material as they absorb the fundamentals of networking and developing relationships."
Bill Raby, CPA, CFP, Ph.D.
Nationally Known Tax Advisor, Author, and
Consultant to the CPA Profession
"Not only is this a 'must read' for those of us in sales, in particular, but it is just as important for people whose lives require constant interaction with others to lead, teach, and impart life's important values."
Kenneth R. Hartstein, CLU, ChFC
President, Economic Concepts Inc.
International Forum and MDRT's
Top of the Table
"Educate yourself on the benefits of laughter, apply the laughter strategies in this book, and the world arund you will be blessed."
David M. Barnes, Ed.D.
"Don't even think of entering the sales jungle without this book! It is a great teacher of how to network and build lasting business relationships. I believe that this book holds nuggets of gold for all women and therefore is a must read to help rocket your career. The Power of Optimism will change your entire outlook on sales... and maybe even your outlook on life."
Jessica Davies Tkatch Ph.D.
Mrs. Arizona 2003
"A thoroughly easy to read and unique book linking the power of laughter to good health. Thanks for a truly valuable contibution to making America a healtheir Nation!"
Phil Haberstro
Executive Director
The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo
"Thanks Andy for addressing our Fall Sales Meeting with your message, The Power of Optimism. I thought you may be interested in some of the comments we received from our agents:
  • 'Love the power of positive thinking.'
  • 'Very motivational.'
  • 'Outstanding.'
  • 'Thanks for the book, Andy had some good ideas.'
We appreciate the excitement you brought to our meeting and getting us started in a positive way."
Patrick J. Kenney, CLU, ChFC
Vice President, Career Agency & Special Markets Division
Security Financial Life Insurance Co.

"If you can't hire Andy Dzurinko to work with and teach your organization, then apply the principles espoused by him as the next best thing to having him as your friend and confidant."
Lanny M. Brown, JD
Founder and Executive Vice President
NetEXE, Inc.

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