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The Power of Optimism, By Andy Dzurinko, CLU, ChFC LOL (Laugh Out Loud): Feel Good and Live Longer, By James Harris, M.D. and Andy Dzurinko, CLU, ChFC
Nothing exists that has as much potential or can exhibit more power than the human mind. The need for positive, confident, productive and loyal employees is more imperative than ever in today's market. To that end, The Power of Optimism imparts a fresh look to ideas that may have been forgotten when the emphasis shifted to the "bottom line".

The importance of relationships and the positive image needed in business as well as in life are some of the key elements covered in the book. The Power of Optimism will not only be a value added read, the ideas promoted within this book will become the standard by which an entire corporation can be motivated.
Our driving force in writing this book comes from our belief that we are practitioners of advanced "laugh science."

If you are stressed out, down in the dumps and can't remember the last time you laughed, this book is ideally tailored to your needs.

Most significantly, if you take life and yourself too seriously, if you have difficulty laughing and, especially, if you're unable to laugh at yourself, this book can change your life.

Charlie Chaplin said that ďA day without laughter is a day wasted.Ē Donít waste another day.
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The Power of Optimism Success Guide - cover
Also available -
The Power of Optimism Success Guide

Designed to help you develop the skills and understanding found in The Power of Optimism, The Power of Optimism Success Guide illustrates how to apply the principles of optimism and positive thinking in your business and personal life. In a fun and engaging series of exercises, you will learn more about yourself and discover your level of optimism and how it can help you. The guide lends itself to group or individual activity, providing a step-by-step discovery process that can transform your business and personal life. Start using it today to learn more about yourself and the powers within you to be positive, active, happy, and successful!

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